Bulgarian officer Legija „Rakovski“ – 20 years later

06.05.2011 year. The time was a little after eleven. A dozen boys about fifty years left thousandth of the former officer’s Legion „Rakovski“ go by boat to the north shore of the reservoir „Cold well“ near the village Kaloyantsi, Kardzhali district. There is a steep and rocky shore waiting for us Doychin and Emil.

Waiting for us than nineteen years.

Going back about a hundred meters from the shore. Motor boat officer retired Marine Bakardjiev stops ….

1992, January 28, shortly after 18.30 hours .. Military Airport Uzundzhovo.

Cloudiness is possibly the most dense.

Doychin and Emil last step on the ground.

27.06.1990 year. Haskovo District Court registered the Bulgarian Legion „Rakovski“.

Members of the legion by several people in Haskovo for months are several thousand in all military units and structures of the Interior Ministry. The army has nearly 120 thousand and enjoys the highest prestige.

Bulgaria’s path for the next 20 years is destined.

Marin already firmly gripping the oars and tried to overtake another boat. Jingle gsm-a to help us ….

1992, January 28, 18.55 hours. Last Doychin are heard and Emil.

13 minutes before it took off from the airport Uzundzhovo a training aircraft MiG-21.

„In 17 minutes the plane was in flight zone. His task as planned. Fly in the range 2500-3000 m. Height. The instructor Emil Todorov should complicate continuing situation by excluding part of the navigation instruments in the lowered curtain. In this emergency trainee Doychin Boyadzhiev should control the flight. It should introduce the aircraft into a predicament. Certainly not panicked … “

A month before 28 January 1992. Somewhere along the narrow passageways of TSDNA. Another Coordinating Council of BOL „Rakovski“ has just ended. Talk both Doychin. I feel an indescribable nervousness about what’s going on around legion. Though soon she found out something that does not want and can not accept.

I did not know that this is our last conversation.

Routinely get along and work together to look soon.

I looked for it …. after 19 years.

The boats are on the north shore of the reservoir „Cold well“. We climb a steep slope efforts and find ourselves in the place which has welcomed Doychin and Emil speed 1000 km. per hour. Even after the past years, more clearly shows the huge carved hole.

We pay tribute to the two pilots ….

„Big party coalitions and voters split their seats in the future parliament, without asking confusion disillusioned with scarecrows and whatnot voter. This poor compatriot, shocked over inflation rates pursued by nightmares of the past, chased by rising crime, sashtistvan fear for allegedly hanging a military coup. I dare say that there will be no coup. Because the military are no less victims of the totalitarian regime. And no less than other Bulgarians want our country to become civilized, legal, thriving country dear homeland for all Bulgarians … “

Doychin Boyadzhiev-Fall 1991

After fellow I keen on candle for them. Look from the place of death of the pilots to the lake and see such a beautiful scenic view, it seems to me specially chosen for them …. I wonder … what happened in our country in the last twenty years. Whether Doychin and we were wrong 20 years ago, we wanted everything to be civilized and legally. „Rebellion masters“ Can it develop otherwise. Many contemporaneous „factors“ perhaps justifiably wary of intervention of the army. So we hope, faith and fervor were invested in this idea called „citizens in uniform“, although „the mice“ who had sunk us, Bulgaria’s problems could be solved quickly and emphatically.

But today I’m not sure whether that would be the right direction. We did not know that twenty years of army will drop a hundred thousand people, and Bulgaria with a million ..

„For several months Doychin leads so intense life in the military and beyond, there is no time to consider relaxation. … ..poddarzha Radio concentrated and alert. Suddenly, the plane disappeared from radar. Instruction on the runway is lit in anticipation … It was later announced as the most probable cause of the crash error in piloting technique lowered MiG-a fatal close to the ground. Eyewitnesses from Kaloyantsi see before the burning fiery zarevo- sleda.Syakash falls zvezda.Yazovirat lights throughout. Only after this should blast. On debriefing clarify that the plane included afterburning was already climbing in several meters are not reached to survive. Attempted ejection is not legal. Not a trace of a black box. Plane is fragmented. No survivor has a sound system was blasting inside … .Ostatatsite of palm and lips buried with military honors … “

We stand on the place of death of Doychin Boyadzhiev and Emil Todorov and naturally the conversation is about what happened on that cold and dark January night of January 28, 1992. The question may it be sabotage conversation stills. The questions are many more answers.

It mentions that in times of shortage of fuel for fighters and diluted to a minimum training flight things concerning preparation, and hence the safety of pilots Doychin investigated the scam for hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel. It is said that Doychin been warned it would be stopped flying. Days before last flight was summoned to the royal call. There is no explanation why suddenly from a height of 3000 meters plane crashes into Earth, because there is no official explanation for the crash, why not try to eject, etc. We are united around the opinion that even if there is no evidence of the crash, it is sabotage, it sure is – someone had the benefit of it.

Look gray and white hair with colleagues at the beginning of etc. democratic changes we experienced together in their own way their new freedom and their new hope.

Gone are those swaggering officers who stood with a smile, but firmly to a huge well organized and crushing machine. Something no one before it even could not imagine.

But in their eyes I see that twinkle of rebellious captain Plamen years.

The feeling experienced twenty years ago that participate in the change that we have been then the change was so strong that strong winds of life have not extinguished.

Listen to my colleagues from Haskovo, how they were attacked and pressured by the then rulers of the day. I hear the words – MCI, wiretaps, records, arrests, penalties, etc. I understand that my obstacles than their were like a pat on the shoulder.

Slowly return the steep bank to the boats. I think twenty years ago we just wanted a good future for Bulgaria. We never wanted power. Legion then was a hope for a better life. Hope that twenty years later, as many missing in Bulgaria.

I wonder what would happen if those fifty-year-olds already matured life but in spirit and will of thirty annual captains decide again to give hope to all. Again civilized and legally. Across the country there are thousands of former members of the Legion, which might again stand in haskovoskoto flag.

Whether the new party officer will be named Legija „Rakovski“ or „Doychin Boyadzhiev.“

Regardless of the final results and difficulties.

Who else hope to return runaway from Bulgaria?

Our boats away from the shore.

There is a steep rocky coast but leave in peace two great captains.

They remain at his post to give us courage and boldness to make at least one trip.

This to ourselves!



About Тодор Бойчев

Моята същност са истинските неща от живота, изстраданите!… Моята цел е гражданското общество, правовата държава и върховенството на закона.
Публикувано на Свят. Запазване в отметки на връзката.

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